What is a Doula?

So you may be wondering what is a Doula and what do they do? You may have heard the word before and have maybe even heard about the benefits to having a Doula attend your birth, but may not be entirely sure how one can help.

A Doula is a trained professional who specializes in providing emotional, physical and informational support to expectant and new parents.

Having a Doula is like having a personal trainer. We are there to help support your workout (birth) goals. We are there to give you information, helpful tips, guidance and encouragement. We are experts on what to expect and how to navigate your birth experience. We are there to give you the information so you can make informed decisions, to help you achieve your goals. We are there to support your choices.

We are there to help make your experience as comfortable, stress-free and positive as possible. Our purpose is to ensure that you feel supported, confident and informed in your birth and postpartum experiences.

Doulas help with postpartum
Doulas help with postpartum

How Does a Doula Help During Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum?


During Pregnancy a Doula Will:

  • Help to ease any fears, worries or anxieties mom or her partner might be having about birth or the baby arriving.
  • Provide information about what to expect during labour, different comfort measures, the stages of labour and much much more.
  • Go over physical support options (that can be done by Doula or Partner) to ensure labour and birth are as COMFORTABLE as possible.
  • Discuss what to expect when the baby arrives.

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During Labour a Doula Will:

  • Stay with labouring mom throughout entire active labour until baby is born!
  • Will ensure that both mom and partner are taken care of.
  • Offer options and assistance with position changes and physical comfort measures to help with any discomfort.
  • Be a calming presence and positive supporter.
  • Provide clarification and explanation to any questions about what is going on.

After The Baby arrives a Doula Will:

  • Stay for a minimum 90 minutes after baby has arrived to ensure transition is as smooth as possible.
  • Help establish breastfeeding (should mom be choosing to do so)
  • Meet with family after baby is home to go over any questions or concerns they may be having.
  • Make sure that mom’s overall wellness is being taken care of (eating, drinking, sleeping, self care) (Check out this blog post for more about the importance of support)
  • Offer OVERNIGHT shifts to ensure that everyone is getting enough sleep.
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