The Most Frequently Asked Questions about Doula’s

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1. Why Hire a Doula?

When you hire a Doula you have decided to have the best support possible for one of the most memorable days of your life. (To Find out More about What a Doula is CLICK Here)

A Doula’s main priority is to promote the most positive birth experience possible for mom and her partner.

A Doula is there to help you feel comfortable, confident and empowered during your birth.

A Doula is there to help you navigate through your birth journey, so you can decide what the best choices are for you.

A Doula is there to provide hands on comfort techniques to ease any discomfort you may experience during labour.

A Doula is there to ensure that both mom and her partner are taken care of and respected throughout their birth experience.

2. Do Doula’s attend Hospital Births?

Yes! I attend both hospital and home births.

Should you be having a hospital birth I will either meet you at your home or at the hospital and support you fully until the birth of the baby.

Should you be having a home birth I will meet you at your home and stay until the baby is born.

3. Can I still get an Epidural with a Doula?

Absolutely (as long as you are at the hospital, as you cannot get an epidural at a home birth).

I am here to support YOUR choices. During our first prenatal appointment we will talk about the different kinds of interventions available to you and I will provide you with the most up to date research and information on the risks and benefits of each of intervention. Then the choice is entirely up to you, and I will support you 100%.

4.  What is the difference between a Midwife and a Doula?

A midwife is a medically trained care provider who will take care of the health of the mother and baby similar to that as a doctor or obstetrician would. Doulas are specifically trained to care for the mother’s emotional needs and physical comfort. Doulas do not measure blood pressure or fetal heart rates, or perform any form of medical interventions. Doulas do provide non-medical pain-relieving techniques, such as massage and birthing positions to support a woman through the birth process and thus, reduce the need for medications.

5. My partner will be at the birth, can I still have a Doula? Will a Doula take their place?

You can absolutely still have a Doula if you have a partner that will be present at the birth; actually it is encouraged!

A Doula does not replace a partner’s role, but rather helps to encourage and support them throughout the process as well.

Many mothers to be are worried about their partner and want to ensure that they are supported as well. A Doula supports the entire family and makes sure everyone is taken care of.

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You can find out more about The Blissful Doula Birth Services Here.

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