As labour and birth are getting closer I have been busy setting up appointments with various health care providers to ensure that my body is functioning at its best leading up to delivery. One of the providers is Dr. Sherri Guillet, from Complete Family Chiropractic and Wellness Centre here in Sudbury.

As a Doula I am often referring clients to a chiropractor to help with many different forms of discomfort and/or pain. A referral can also be beneficial not only to get our bodies in proper alignment for labour and delivery but also to help ensure the baby is in an ideal position. Having our bodies and babies optimally positioned can help lessen any discomfort in labour and can actually make delivery quicker!

So I wanted to make sure that my body was in optimal alignment as baby gets ready to arrive!

During the appointment I asked Dr. Guillet to answer some questions regarding Chiropractic care during pregnancy, and the benefits for both mom and baby.  She was more than happy to answer them for us!

Question: What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?


Answer: “Chiropractic Care helps to balance the pelvis which is especially important during pregnancy.  It also helps with the ligaments that are attached to the uterus and pelvis, to make sure there is no tension on either side causing any torsion. By making sure the uterus is in proper alignment gives the baby more room to move around.

The optimal alignment of spine and lower part of the pelvis allow for the biggest opening for baby to come through. If there is any slight decrease in that opening due to misalignment then there is less room for the baby to go through the birth canal.

Women who have been adjusted have less pain and faster deliveries.

Overall chiropractic care helps the whole body to function better.  Through adjusting the spine we are helping the nervous system function better, including the nerves going to the uterus. We want to make sure everything is functioning ideally so it can perform optimally during labour.”

Question: What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Newborns?


Answer: “Chiropractic care is equally important for newborns as it is for adults. The birth process can be traumatic for baby’s body if there is any pulling or twisting on baby during birth. So when baby has gone through the birth process you want to make sure the spine is moving properly. After a baby is born their eyes, ears, heart, etc. is all checked, so checking the spine is very important as well. The spine is where your nervous system is and it connects with everything else.

The recommended time for a newborn to see a chiropractor is as soon as mom and baby are able to.”

Question: What are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Women Trying to Conceive?


Answer: “Ideally women trying to get pregnant would start seeing a chiropractor before they even get pregnant, as it can help with conception. By getting the pelvis and everything lined up properly can help moving things along in the conception process.

It helps with conception by helping the nervous system to function better. It works in reducing the stress response in the brain that changes the cortisol level. If the body has more of a stress response the body doesn’t get pregnant as easily, so by reducing this response aids in conception.”

Chiropractic Care is Covered Under Many Health Care Benefit Plans


Chiropractic Care is covered under many health care benefits, so if it is something you are interested in trying you can always check with your benefit provider to see if you are eligible for coverage. It can also be paid privately :).

I will be seeing the chiropractor several more times before this little one arrives and am really looking forward to see how it benefits both my pregnancy discomforts and labour and birth.

Did you use a chiropractor during your pregnancy? Are you thinking about using a chiropractor in this pregnancy? We would love to hear from you and hear your experiences, you can comment below or over on our Facebook or Instagram.

If you would like to find out ways that The Blissful Doula can help make your journey into pregnancy, birth or early days of parenting less stressful click HERE, or contact me here.

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