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We are 31 (almost 32) weeks pregnant and knock on wood both mama and baby are doing great. The last few weeks have flown by and I can’t believe we are now officially counting down in single digits for the number of weeks left until we get to meet this little one!

Over the last couple months I have had A LOT of people ask why¬†I would have my own Doula when I am a Doula myself. So I wanted to take some time to answer this for anyone wondering ūüôā

Having Someone I Can Call/Text/Email 24/7 If I Have Questions Or Need Support

Part of the beautiful relationship we develop with our Doulas is that they become one of our closest resources. If I’m having a pregnancy “freak-out” I call her and if I wake up in the middle of the night with ideas about my birth preferences I send her an email (if it’s urgent I would call lol).¬†If¬†I have a question I just send her a text.¬†¬†She is one of the most integral parts of my birth team and I love that she is there for me any time.

I Want The Support of Someone Who Knows What To Do (Sorry Max lol)

I want all the support I can possibly have including emotional support, physical support, and informational support. I want someone walking through this journey of pregnancy with me.¬† It must be someone I trust and someone I’m comfortable with, who I know will be there for me. Someone who is knowledgeable and empathetic.

During my labour with Gibson I experienced significant back labour.¬† While Max was very supportive emotionally, a Doula would have known what physical support I needed to be more comfortable.¬† Max simply wasn’t trained or knowledgeable on options on how to get the baby into a more optimal position. It wasn’t his fault, but knowing what I know now,¬† I want my Doula present to help keep me as comfortable as possible.

I Cannot Be My Own Doula

I cannot be my own Doula during labour because I’ll be working very hard physically, emotionally and mentally so I won’t have the energy to “put on my Doula hat”. While I’m in the depth of labour, having a guide by my side to help keep me feeling empowered and safe is extremely important to me.¬†I’ll be too close to the action to make suggestions or recommendations once active labour and transition begins.

She is 100% Unbiased About My Birth Preferences

She knows what my birth preferences are, and is completely unbiased about them. I know that she understands and fully respects that this is my birth experience and she’ll encourage me to have the positive experience that I’m¬† hoping for (Note: I say positive NOT easy lol). She knows what is important to me, but also knows that birth is not always the way we intend it to be. And I know that she and my midwives will provide me with all of the information on the options and choices when and if decisions need to be made.

She is Going to Support My Husband

She is going to support Max. During my last labour poor Max wasn’t able to eat, drink or go to the bathroom for HOURS at a time. I needed him as my support and therefore he wasn’t allowed to leave my side. But dads need breaks too and I know that she will be supporting him in any way that he needs, and guiding him on how best to support me.

She Will Work WITH My Health Care Provider

I absolutely love my Midwives, and I love my Doula and I know that together they are going to be working as a team to help ensure my experience is as comfortable, positive, safe and empowering as possible. I know they are all supportive of my preferences and they are ALWAYS looking out for the best interests of my baby and I. They are my birth team and I trust them completely.

I could honestly go on forever about why having a Doula is so important to both Max and I, but this is definitely a great start. You can check out my Doulas Facebook Page: Nurtured Birth here!!

Did you have a Doula attend your birth? Are you currently thinking about getting a Doula? We would love to hear from you and hear your experiences, you can comment below or over on our Facebook or Instagram.

If you would like to find out more ways that The Blissful Doula can help make your journey into pregnancy, birth or early days of parenting less stressful click HERE, or contact me here.

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