The Birth of Aria

Doula Sudbury, The Blissful Doula

As a Doula here in Sudbury I am blessed to be a part of a family’s journey welcoming their baby. It is an honour; and the day that Krista and Pat got to meet Aria face to face was truly incredible.

When I got to Krista and Pat’s house they were curled up on their bed. Pat was lovingly rubbing Krista’s back and she was handling her contractions like a BOSS.

The next few hours Krista, Patrick and I would spend laughing, chatting, walking the stairs and discussing what was to come. As we left their house we all smiled knowing that the next time they would be there it would be with their daughter.

After getting to the hospital, the staff couldn’t believe how well mama was coping!

She was so calm and doing so well. After checking in with her OB, who was actually on call that day she was admitted and made herself comfortable in her room.

The staff at the Hospital was amazing, from the nurses to her doctor, her birthing team was incredible, especially her husband.

Pat was a constant support during labour, getting her ice chips, changing the cold cloth on her face, encouraging her every step of the way.¬†There were many times during labour that Pat said to me “I just can’t believe how amazing she is,” it was beautiful to watch.

“You are doing amazing, keep breathing through soon your baby will be here”

The lights were dimmed, music was playing…..

Krista laboured in her hospital room with the lights dimmed, listening to a Chill Pop playlist that I made. She was so calm and steady as she got into a rhythm of labour and Pat and I did our parts supporting. During each contraction we would tell her “you are doing amazing, keep breathing through it, soon your baby will be here. I would provide comfort measures during each contraction and Pat would rub her back and hug her during each break.

With every breath she would sway and move her hips so that her body and baby were working together.

After hours of labour she decided that she needed a short rest before baby arrived and requested an epidural. She was 8 cm at the time and it didn’t take long afterwards for baby to make her appearance.

When it came time for her to push, she was advised that her OB was getting called away for surgery and the hilarious nurse who was with us said “now let’s see if we can get him in here to birth the baby before he goes!” Seconds later the OB arrived, and after only 13 MINUTES of pushing Aria arrived, all 6 lbs and 12 ounces of her.

Then she was here!

She came out perfectly pink, and squishy and making just enough noise to let us all know she was there. Aria was also born with not 1, not 2 but 3 knots in her umbilical cord, which the entire staff was AMAZED to see, as it is so rare.

Krista, Pat and Aria spent the next hour getting to know each other and chatting and smiling and completely overwhelmed with love. You could see she had stolen their heart within moments of being welcomed earth side.

It was so beautiful.

The birth of Aria was so gentle, calm and beautiful. Mom and Dad were such a great team, you could truly feel the love between them the entire time, and even more so the first time they got to hold their baby girl. It was an honour to be a part of the last leg of their journey to parenthood, and a day I will remember as absolutely remarkable.


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