Sudbury Doula, Birth

Having Megan by my side during labour was a wonderful support. She was caring and her energy was warming and calm.  She encouraged me during the moments where I felt like I couldn't continue to bare the labour.  I found my inner strength and was able to continue and deliver a beautiful healthy boy. Megan is a amazing doula and I would most definitely recommend her.  She's an amazing birth coach and I would not hesitate to have her by my side again.

Jessica Mom to Lincoln and Jordan February 6, 2017

My husband and I had Meg to welcome our first baby into the world! It was so reassuring to have Meg at our side throughout the process. We were able to have frank and open discussions during pregnancy that helped put our minds at ease (as this was our first time). Having Meg in our corner during labour made the process so much more comfortable as we had someone we now knew and knew us. As well, we knew we had someone that was so caring and supportive that would help us through it all. She never left our side and was always there to support us with whatever need we had. We are recommending Meg to our pregnant friends!!! 🙂

Erin Mom to Charlotte February 6, 2017

Sudbury Doula, Birth

Being a new mom is a magical and terrifying experience. I have so greatly appreciated all of the guidance and support you offered me following the birth of my son. You’re reassuring words of “that’s completely normal” helped me to overcome my fears of often the simplest and most commonsensicle of things…nursing, sleep, milestones… You are truly a beautiful soul, who I believe was put on this earth to support women during the most fragile, important moment of their lives. You are an amazing doula who genuinely cares for her clients. I HIGHLY recommend Megan, as her services are truly invaluable!

Sherry Mom of Jacob November 21, 2016

Sudbury Doula, Birth

We are so happy we chose Megan as our doula. She helped us feel prepared which really helped my anxiety.  She leant me a book about hypnobirthing which convinced me to take the course, I don't know how I would have gotten through labour with out it and Megs guidance. My husband found her to be a great support during labour as well. While I was being prepped for an emergency c section she reassured him that everything would be ok, as he was more terrified than I was (the hypnobirthing fear release techniques helped me through it). Meg came to our home for a postnatal visit and it was great to have someone with her knowledge and experience to talk to during that time. She even watched our son while we took a nap:) because of her help I look back at the birth of my son as a positive experience, I highly recommend choosing Meg as a doula 🙂

Crystal Mom of Rudy November 21, 2016

We had Meg support us recently at the birth of our first baby. From the first meeting, to the information and support provided during our pre-birth visits, plus the additional classes offered, we felt extremely comfortable going into labour and delivery. During labour, her support was fantastic for both my husband and I, she was there every step of the way!! I can't imagine it any differently. At our postpartum visit, she was super supportive and helpful!! Definitely will be calling Meg for baby #2!! And have/will recommend her to all my pregnant friends/family!

Ashley Mom of Robbie November 21, 2016

Sudbury Doula, Birth

Wow where do I start. Right from the beginning Meg was fantastic in providing us information and insight into what will happen and how things will happen. She did this in a fantastic, fun filled and emotional way. You can tell it is in her heart. On the big day she was exactly what both of us needed. She kept my fiancé calm and went up and above to make sure she had the best delivery imaginable. She made sure we knew exactly what was going and was just the support we needed. I do not think the birth of our daughter would have gone as perfect without the help of Meg. We cannot say thank you enough! Sincerely, Patrick

Patrick Dad to Aria November 21, 2016

Sudbury Doula, Birth, Registry

Meg was an amazing support during and after my pregnancy. She loves what she does and is one of the nicest women I know. She gives unwavering support, kindness and understanding and so knowledgeable about many of the options available to us mommas.

Kailey Mom of Lydia November 21, 2016

This will be a long post but truer than true

When I hired this phenomenal woman, all people ever said to me was "what in the world is a doula". My response initially was always "essentially a birth coach that comforts mom"
Now having had our gorgeous daughter (10 days old) I have to say this..... A doula is a life changer, a positive experience builder, confidence booster, a miracle and one of the deepest most essential assets to pregnancy, labour, birth and after care. Meg has literally changed our lives in the best most positive ways.... She enabled me to become the best me (mom and wife)..... She has literally given me gifts that cannot even be explained.... She has provided me with strength and courage to accept things that can not be controlled and to truely appreciate motherhood

I honestly feel that all expectant mothers NEED to have a doula
I did not have a doula for our first child who is now nearly 4 years old. Now having had our daughter with meg on our team I realize how I was robbed of the beauty that can be during the transition in becoming a mom
I feel forever bonded to this amazing woman, our doula
I will always be that person encouraging all expectant moms and dads to consider hiring a doula, specifically Meg..... You literally have no idea what you are missing out on.

So many thanks and so much love to this incredible human. Meg is honestly a force that must be recognized in every positive and loving way XO

Gisele Mom of Carson and Whitney November 21, 2016

Sudbury Doula, Birth, Testimonials

I had the extreme privilege of having Meg look after us during our pregnancy and birthing process. As s first time mom …this was the BEST thing we could have done. We had such a beautiful birth and Meg’s knowledge and support were top notch. I suggest any expectant mother enlist with the blissful doula for the ultimate birthing experience. My partner and I were beyond pleased

Krista Mom of Aria November 21, 2016

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