This will be a long post but truer than true

When I hired this phenomenal woman, all people ever said to me was “what in the world is a doula”. My response¬†initially was always “essentially a birth coach that comforts mom”
Now having had our gorgeous daughter (10 days old) I have to say this….. A doula is a life changer, a positive experience builder, confidence booster, a miracle and one of the deepest most essential assets to pregnancy, labour, birth and after care. Meg has literally changed our lives in the best most positive ways…. She enabled me to become the best me (mom and wife)….. She has literally given me gifts that cannot even be explained…. She has provided me with strength and courage to accept things that can not be controlled and to truely appreciate motherhood

I honestly feel that all expectant mothers NEED to have a doula
I did not have a doula for our first child who is now nearly 4 years old. Now having had our daughter with meg on our team I realize how I was robbed of the beauty that can be during the transition in becoming a mom
I feel forever bonded to this amazing woman, our doula
I will always be that person encouraging all expectant moms and dads to consider hiring a doula, specifically Meg….. You literally have no idea what you are missing out on.

So many thanks and so much love to this incredible human. Meg is honestly a force that must be recognized in every positive and loving way XO

Gisele Mom of Carson and Whitney November 21, 2016

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