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This is Kaycee’s Story <3. 


The Unexpectedly Challenging and Beautiful Journey with my Rainbow Baby

By Kaycee Lavigne

“Storm clouds may still hover, but the rainbow provides a counterbalance of colour, energy and hope”

Theo is our rainbow baby. He was born 11 days under a year after his brother, Dominic, was stillborn. There is no instruction manual on how to be a parent, there certainly isn’t one on how to be a grieving parent either.  We were absolutely ecstatic when we got pregnant with Theo so quickly after our loss. We were finally back on track.

I always joked that I was born to be a Mom and that I had that magic touch with babies and they loved me. I didn’t expect the fear, the pain, the tears and insecurity that came with having my own. My pregnancy and birth were flawless, no issues and pretty ‘textbook’. I wanted to try breastfeeding and kept telling people that I was not going to stress over it and “if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work”. Theo latched well his very first time and that began our journey. I read so much on the different holds and how often newborns should nurse and so much more.

The Struggle with Silent Reflux

I had heard of reflux before as I was born with it and still suffer with it as an adult but always associated it with vomiting. This is why I had no idea what was going on with our boy. Theo was very fussy, gassy and cried a ton. I tried SO many gas remedies, home remedies and helpful tips from friends and family to try and soothe him.

I remember posting in the Sudbury Breastfeeding Support group about our issues and when someone suggested silent reflux, I researched it immediately. He fit all of the symptoms to a T. Now, the issue was to get a doctor to listen to us and provide a prescription. We saw 3 or 4 walk in clinic doctors as well as our Family Doctor before we finally found one who would listen to me.

Theo had severe acid reflux but his was silent. What that means is the acid would come back up into his esophagus and mouth and burn like crazy but he wouldn’t vomit. I could always see the milk on his tongue and smell his sour breath, and I definitely heard his cries. We were recommended to rub his back for burps, keep him upright as long as possible after feeds and to lay him on his left side. We were also given our first prescription for Zantac.

A Totally Different Child

Within 2 weeks we had an incredibly different child, he slept, we slept, there was a significant change in his demeanour. With such a weight sensitive medicine though, he would outgrow his dosage very quickly and the cycle would begin again. Finally we were given Nexium and that was our miracle. Theo was finally waking minimally through the night and he was a much happier child. We also found out through seeing a Lactation Consultant, that Theo had an upper lip tie which prevented a proper latch, causing more air to be ingested and this also aggravated his reflux. However, within weeks of discovering this tie, our adventurous dude fell and ripped the upper lip tie. This helped our breastfeeding journey immensely as well.

We survived colic, gas, oversupply, undersupply, forceful letdown, silent reflux and an upper lip tie. Needless to say, my story with my rainbow baby was not all ‘rainbows and butterflies’. It was tough. We weaned fairly easily at 21.5 months and now at 30 months we have our different challenges but I wouldn’t change a thing. The struggles we faced taught me patience and made those sweet moments that much sweeter. Being a mother has been one of the most difficult roles I’ve ever had but the colour, energy and hope that Theo has given me has made it the most rewarding.

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