3 Reasons Why Pregnancy can Feel Overwhelming (3)


Pregnant & Overwhelmed? 3 Reasons you are Completely Normal.

From the moment we see a positive pregnancy test to the moment we deliver our babies (and beyond) we are in a constant state of transition.  “Transition is the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another” (dictionary.com)

Our bodies are changing. 

Our relationships are evolving.

Our roles are changing. 

And it can feel freaking overwhelming. 

1. Our Bodies are Changing: 

From our hair all the way down to our feet, our bodies are changing.

When we are pregnant everything about our body changes. We are in a constant state of transitioning from the body we used to know to the pregnant body we have, complete with baby bumps, wider hips and softer parts. 

It is normal to fluctuate between embracing our bodies and being overwhelmed at all of the changes we are going through. It is common for moms to be tearful, upset or even disappointed with their body as it changes throughout pregnancy, and it’s okay to feel that way.

Being pregnant doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to feel upset or frustrated or overwhelmed. Your feelings are still valid, and its okay to experience those feelings.

2. Our Relationships are Evolving:

Conversations that used to revolve around you and your partner (ie what want to do date night) can now be entirely focused on the baby (ie what names you can agree on) and it’s okay if this makes you sad sometimes.

Going from Spouses to Parents is one of the biggest transitions your relationship will go through. Not only will you soon be responsible for taking care of a baby but it will no longer just be the two of you and in many ways it is both sad and joyful.

It’s alright to grieve the perceived “loss” of this part of your relationship. You may be worried about your emotional, physical or mental connection, and that is all so incredibly normal.   In fact your relationship is simply evolving as you begin a new chapter with your partner that is parenthood. It’s just as important to you and your child that you still take time for each other.

3. Our Roles are Changing. 

We are no longer simply individuals, we are now mothers with the pressure, and responsibilities that encompasses which can be overwhelming. 

The moment we find out we are pregnant we re-evaluate our diet, our relationships, our extracurricular activities (aka our wine intake ;)) and we let go of the things that we don’t want to include in our pregnancy.

For some of us we let go of friendships, jobs, sports, houses, etc… all in attempts to adjust to this new role as mothers. In many ways we let go of our old selves and try to readjust to the new version of ourselves, one that now includes the role of being a mother. And it can be hard. 

Pregnancy can feel overwhelming and if you feel that way know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I am here to help in making this transition easier, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. Find out more about how I can help make your pregnancy less stressful HERE. 

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