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I do not have a “perfect” baby bump. My bump sits high, like pretty much directly underneath my breasts (let’s be real they can pretty much rest on it lol) making it challenging at times to wear a bra.

My baby bump is hard as a rock at the top and a little less so at the bottom. It hasn’t completely firmed up any wobbly bits that I may have in my lower belly, so sometimes it jiggles.

I have stretch marks, big, red, long stretch marks on the front of my belly that I did not have 30 weeks ago. And I imagine between now and when this baby is born there will be several more joining them.

I Do Not Have A “Perfect” Baby Bump and That is Okay.

I do not have a “perfect” baby bump and that is entirely okay. There are moments when I cannot help but wish it was the “perfect” shape, and void of any stretch marks. But those moments do not outweigh the overall pride and joy I have for this bump on my belly.

This bump is growing a tiny little person and has been doing so for 30 weeks. This bump has protected and safe guarded the small human currently residing in it 24/7. This body of mine has known exactly what to do to help this baby develop ever since he/she was conceived. This bump is the home of my baby and with every jab, kick and punch that I feel, I am reminded of how amazing it is.

Within this bump is one of the most precious beings I will ever know. Before this one, my belly housed two other precious beings, one that lives with me here and one that watches me from above. This bump holds the lifeline to my baby. This bump is beautiful and powerful and strong, and I am in awe of how blessed I am to have it.

So for all the pregnant mama’s <3

So for all the pregnant mama’s out there, please know that you and your bump are wonderful. Your body is incredible. This journey and process you are going through is both beautiful and challenging. And you don’t always have to feel like your bump is “perfect” to know and believe that it (and you) are absolutely amazing.


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