The first time I ever went to see an acupuncturist was during my pregnancy with Gibson. During that pregnancy I developed severe antenatal depression and anxiety during that pregnancy.  My mom had recommended I try it to see if it helped with my anxiety, so I reluctantly made an appointment.

That first appointment seriously BLEW MY MIND. For the first time in what must have been months I was able to relax. I kept waiting to get anxious but for the full 20 minutes I was there my anxiety was basically nonexistent. After the appointment I called my mom in tears so happy to have had even a slight reprieve from my low mood and worry.

That appointment completely sold me on the benefits and put to rest any doubts I may have had about acupuncture. Of course it goes far beyond just helping with anxiety.

Over the past few years I have gathered much more research and knowledge on acupuncture.  I knew that it was something I wanted to incorporate into my pregnancy care plan, especially near the end. So for the past few weeks I have been visiting with the fabulous Natalie Marie Ramon of Inspiring Health Acupuncture Clinic.  She agreed to answer some questions about how Acupuncture can be beneficial during pregnancy and birth and labour.

How Can Acupuncture Help In The First Trimester?

“During the first trimester Acupuncture can help in supporting the pregnancy. So if anyone had concerns or worries about miscarriage then it is an excellent option. It actually has an advantage to Western Medicine in this area, as Western Medicine in the first trimester usually is just waiting to see how things progress. With Acupuncture it can actually help in calming the mind, reducing anxiety and also lifting the energy and contributing a supporting function in helping the pregnancy.”

How Can Acupuncture Help In The Second Trimester?

“During the second trimester Acupuncture can help in reducing discomfort from pregnancy related symptoms. Such as muscular skeletal pain, emotional issues, hypertension, insomnia, varicose veins, heart burn, headaches, allergies, edema and many more. Acupuncture looks at the individual person and treats the particular symptoms they are experiencing.”

How Can Acupuncture Help In The Third Trimester?

“During the third trimester Acupuncture can continue in decreasing any discomfort a woman may have. It is also helpful in preparing her body for labour and birth.

Between 36-37 weeks of pregnancy women begin a Prebirth Preparation Treatment. This treatment helps with relaxing ligaments, dilating the cervix, improving blood flood and energy levels and helping with the baby’s positioning.”

How Can Acupuncture Help With Labour and Birth?

“Research has shown that the routine Prebirth Preparation can increase women going into a natural, efficient and more spontaneous labour. It has been proven to decrease the length of the active labour stage. It can also decrease the chance of requiring medical intervention such as inductions or cesarean section.”


Basically Acupuncture is fabulous!  It can be helpful with pretty much any discomfort pregnant mama’s might be experiencing, as well as make labour as optimal as possible.

I will be seeing Natalie weekly until this little one arrives and I am so excited to see how these treatments benefit my birth experience.

If you are interested in getting more information you can check out Inspiring Health Clinic HERE.

Acupuncture services are covered under many health benefits so it is definitely worth while to see if you are covered!

Did you use a Acupuncture during your pregnancy? Are you thinking about using it in your current pregnancy? We would love to hear from you and hear your experiences, you can comment below or over on our Facebook or Instagram.

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