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Meg and her family

There’s a misconception that pregnancy and birth should be perfect – blissful if you will. But odds are you feel a little (or a lot) nervous, anxious, or unsure.

I can relate. I’m Meg Kant – a certified doula with an honours degree in psychology, and also a mom who knows exactly how you feel.

I am the proud mama of two happy boys, but my journey to motherhood was not an easy one. My first pregnancy ended in a late-stage miscarriage, and I suffered from antenatal depression during my second (more detail on my story – and my third pregnancy/second son’s birth – below).

The silver lining of my experience is that I developed a deep interest in, and passion for, childbirth – which ultimately led me to become a doula.

In 2015 I became certified through Bebo Mia and I now have the pleasure and privilege of providing birth and postpartum doula services to families in Sudbury. I approach my work with a firsthand understanding of the fears and challenges that many expectant mothers face – and a great deal of empathy and understanding as a result.

Meg and her family

How I can help you

How I can help you

My birth doula packages include full attendance at your birth as well as support leading up to, and immediately following the big day. I am your resource for up-to- date information, emotional support, and hands on help. Click here to read more.

My postpartum packages are for mothers who could use some hands-on help and/or emotional support in the early postpartum period, either during the day or overnight. Full details are available here.


My Story

My story of motherhood is a rocky one, with a very happy ending. My first pregnancy ended abruptly when, at 4.5 months, I was told my son no longer had a heartbeat. Learning that – and having to be induced and birth the baby I had lost – was the saddest and most difficult experience of my life.

But after the storm comes the sun, and it surely did for us, in the form of a second pregnancy four months later. My son Gibson arrived on the scene in May 2015 – but not the way I had envisioned. I was diagnosed with antenatal depression in my third trimester, and ended up deciding to have a hospital birth with epidural – a far cry from the un-medicated home birth of my dreams.

His baby brother, Miller, on the other hand, journeyed earthside in January of 2017 by way of a beautiful and peaceful homebirth (that was supported by a doula, of course) – giving me the birth experience I’d always hoped for.

The interesting thing is, I felt good about both of my birth experiences. Even though my first one wasn’t what I’d pictured, I felt supported, was aware of my choices, and made decisions that were right for me at that time. Which is exactly the feeling I want to help other women achieve.

By my definition – and in my experience – bliss can mean a great many things, and does not equal perfection. It means REAL. It means YOUR OWN. It means CONTENT. And all that comes from having the right support in your corner – which I’d be delighted to provide for you.

If you’d like to book a consultation to chat about doula care and whether it’s right for you, click here. For more information, you can click here for answers to some frequently asked questions, here to read what kind of benefits you can expect when you hire a doula, or here to browse my blog.

Education and Credentials

  • Certified Doula through Bebo Mia
  • Honours Degree in Psychology
  • Monthly Professional Contributor to www.PregnancyAfterLossSupport.com
  • Member of Baby Friendly Initiative through Sudbury District Health Unit
  • Professional Collaborator with The Northern Ontario School of Medicine
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