Sudbury Doula, Birth, RegistryRegistering for my Baby Shower was a little overwhelming. The first time I went into Babies R Us here in Sudbury I remember looking around and thinking “Where do I start?” There are so many options and so many things to chose from it sent me into a slight panic.

So to try and help take some of the anxiety out of setting up your Baby Registry I wanted to give you this Sudbury Mama’s 5 Must have Items on her Registry.

5. Breastfeeding Pillow (if you plan to breastfeed)

We have  The Jolly Jumper Baby Sitter Nursing Pillow and for the first 4 months of my son’s life it actually came EVERYWHERE with me. I brought it to the Stars and Strollers at Silver City. I brought it to play dates. I brought it when visiting. Seriously it was so comfortable to use AND made breastfeeding so much easier for both of us. ( I also would recommend getting 2 covers, to be able to switch them out if one is in the wash).



BabyBrezza Formula Pro (if plan to formula feed)

For any mama’s who are formula feeding the BabyBrezza Formula Pro is the #1 recommended must have from all the moms that I know! It is the easiest way to prepare bottles as it measures, dispenses and mixes the water and formula to the perfect temperature and consistency.

4. Stroller

We have the Graco FastAction Fold Jogger and LOVE it! Before my son got here I had never fully thought about how often I would have to load and unload that damn stroller in and out of the car and this was one is actually so user friendly. With one click it folds up. AND it has huge tires which are awesome for walking on trails or rougher terrain!

3. Swaddling Blanket, or Swaddle Me

Before leaving the hospital my husband and I actually took a video of the nurse Swaddling our son, because he seemed to LOVE IT. He slept much better swaddled than he did when he wasn’t, and when he was big enough we switched from swaddling blankets to Summer Infant Swaddle Me and they were awesome. ANYTHING that can help a new mama get some extra sleep is a must have in my books! (If you have any questions about swaddling feel free to Contact Me :))

2. White Noise

As I mention in number 3; anything that will help mama and baby sleep is a must have for me and White Noise was such a god send in helping our son catch a few extra zzz’s. The Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine is a great option. When it comes to Sound machines (or apps) you want something that doesn’t turn off; if baby falls asleep to the sound then ideally you want that sound playing the entire time they are sleeping.

1. A Baby Carrier

For the first few months of a babies life they may experience something called  “The Witching Hour” and it is a period of time (usually in the evenings) where baby is more fussy. For my son the sure shot way to help him chill out as with putting him in his carrier. I had a Baby Bjorn and found it was not a great choice for me, my back was hurting almost immediately. But through my Doula Training and Baby Wearing Class I found that a great option is Ergobaby 360 Baby Carrier and they are actually Canadian made which is fabulous. If we get blessed with another baby, a great carrier is going to be my #1 purchase.

Bonus Item: Doula Services!

Another super helpful Registry Item is Doula Services! Here at The Blissful Doula; you can register (or get as a gift card) for Doula services for your BIRTH or for When Baby Arrives!

Giving birth is an incredibly special day and having a Doula is a great way to ensure it is a Positive Experience! If you have any questions on What a Doula is please feel free to contact me anytime!



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